You Will Be Missed

by Small Mammals

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This is a song we got to record for free when we took part in the Tri C Rock Off! We made it past the first rounds and into the Finals, and this was the song we got the chance to get professionally recorded. This song was recorded and mixed by Jim Stewart.


And we'll scream up the punks and we'll know that it's wrong
But we won't give a damn, we'll keep singing our songs
And I'll try to believe that you really loved me, but I'll know that I'm wrong
I'll know that I'm wrong and I can't help but laugh, I just wish I could cry
I'm so desensitized that I've been wondering why everyone that I know
They've been writing it down, they've written hundreds of songs about leaving this town
But nobody does, and nobody will

You say that money can't buy happiness, so I guess my life will always hurt like this
You say that you won't miss a thing, yeah, well I can see it in your eyes
That you have been lying to yourself

I'll buy the train ticket if I have to get the hell away from here
Cause I can't watch my friend suffer through the passing of another year

Cause it's this town that brings us down,
And you're the one that told me to get out
So I hope that you go, I wish you all the best
But when you're thinking back to this shitty town, you remember,
You will be missed


released February 5, 2014
Produced and mixed by Jim Stewart
Written by Scotty McMaster




Small Mammals Youngstown, Ohio

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